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High School Life


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LLT Chpt 4

Life's Like That

Chapter 4 --We'll have a smashing time


Written by RJ





Disclaimer: I don't own that wonderful anime by the name of Dragonball Z.


It had been about four months since Gohan had first come onto Frieza's ship. He was nearly 6 years old now and he and Tora had become very close and were never apart for very long. They'd had 'training' sessions daily and for most of the first month, Gohan'd ended up in the regen tank after the grueling daily 'training' sessions, but after the second month, be began to hold his own against the Saibamen and now, four months later, he could easily fight back.

He'd had a few encounters with Frieza, and the lizard had taken a liking to the young demi-Saiyan and occasionally gave him a lesson in fighting which didn't involve getting beaten up by little green men.



At the moment, Gohan was in his room, doing sit-ups. He had just finished doing his 500 push-ups and he was onto his 481st sit-up.

The door hissed open just as he finished his last sit-up and Tora entered his room and sat down next to Gohan.

"Hey Gohan" she said

"Hi" Gohan said as he sat up and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"I heard that they're gonna take us down onto a planet today" Tora said

"To do what?"

"I dunno, but it'll be the first time I've been on land since I came here"

"Same here, but what do you think they'll make us do? A new type of 'training'?"




Just then, the door hissed open for the second time in the last 5 minutes and a guard stood at the door.

"Come" he said simply

Gohan and Tora exchanged a look and got up from their sitting positions on the floor, but quickly got up and followed the guard out of the room.

He led them down a passage they hadn't been down before, right over to the other side of the ship. The other side was a whole lot busier than their wing. People passed them all the time and Gohan thought that they'd seen more people in the past 20 minutes than he'd seen in his total time on the ship so far.

Finally they entered a hangar with many different kinds of space ships.

"Wow" Gohan breathed as he turned around in a circle, taking in his surroundings.

"For sure" Tora said, then pulled on Gohan's arm to make him hurry up, the guard was looking back at them rather impatiently.



The guard led them to a medium sized ship and told them to board it.

Gohan and Tora boarded the ship and inside there was a rather large group of Frieza's footsoldiers. They were all Brondian footsoldiers, they were black in colour and wore a customised version of the Saiyan armor. They weren't very strong and relied on their brains and technology to defeat their enemies, but the trained ones could put up quite a good fight and they were stronger than the Saibamen.

The door closed behind them and the footsoldiers all smirked at them in unison, leaving Gohan and Tora rather unnerved.

The ship rumbled into life and they took off and flew off somewhere.



When they landed, the door opened silently and Gohan and Tora stumbled out the door, wanting to get away from the creepy footsoldiers who hadn't taken their eyes of the two since they'd got on the ship.

The world was much like earth in the sense that it had blue sky and lots of grass and trees and such. But the gravity was more than that on earth's and in the spaceship so Gohan and Tora found it rather hard to stand.

The footsoldiers, however, had no problems at all, they stood in a group staring at the two young Saiyans.

"Uhhh, what's going on?" Gohan whispered to Tora.

"Beats me," she whispered back "Another training maybe?"

"I sure hope not," Gohan whispered.

"Care to share with the rest of us?" one of the black footsoldiers said.

"No, not really" Tora said defiantly, folding her arms across her chest.

The footsoldier glared at Tora and said sarcastically "Well, we'll be having a nice training session out here on this lovely planet"

Tora and Gohan rolled their eyes but prepared to fight by sinking into their identical positions.



Two footsoldiers separated themselves from the rest of the group and ran towards Gohan and Tora, preparing to attack the young Saiyans.

The footsoldiers proved themselves to be a lot better opponents than the Saibamen.

Gohan's opponent started straight out with a punch to the stomach, which Gohan blocked, then they let forward a flurry of punches, which Gohan either blocked or dodged depending on what opportunity was provided at the time.

The footsoldier landed a punch on Gohan's arm and smirked at the demi-Saiyan. Gohan glared back at the footsoldier and attacked him in a flurry, annoyed that the Brondian got a punch in on him.

Gohan managed to get in half a dozen punches before he had to turn on the defensive again. The footsoldier drove him back until he was backed up against a tree. Gohan looked around, trying to figure a way out of it, when suddenly a fist came straight for his face. He closed his eyes, waiting for the punch to come, but when it never did, he opened his eyes and looked around, confused. He was in the tree.

'How'd I get here?' he thought. He looked down at the footsoldier, who was looking around for his opponent. There was a rather deep indentation in the trunk where his fist had connected with the tree. Gohan flinched slightly when he realised that the punch was meant for his face.

He looked over where Tora was fighting, she wasn't faring too well against her opponent, she obviously hadn't had any miraculous moving miracles happen to her yet.

'Hey, I wonder if I can do that again' Gohan thought.

He closed his eyes and thought hard about moving himself to the branch around the other side of the tree. Then he opened his eyes. He hadn't moved at all.

'Aw man' he thought.

Gohan looked down. The footsoldier was right underneath him.

'Now if I drop down now...' Gohan thought, watching the soldier's movements, timing his move perfectly.

As the soldier moved into the right position, Gohan let himself drop out of the tree and onto the soldier's head.

He wrapped his legs around the soldier's neck and covered his eyes with his hands.

The soldier didn't know what to do and turned around in circles, trying to get the small boy off his head.

Gohan gained a smirk and channeled some of his energy into his hand like he'd learnt to do when he wanted his punches to be stronger. Then he released his grip on the soldier's eyes and let loose with the punch and hit him right in the nose, his punch so strong that it made his nose bleed and it knocked the soldier unconscious.

"Yeah!" Gohan said, punching his hand up into the air as a victory gesture.



The other footsoldiers looked on, astonished that this young boy could knock one of their kind unconscious. Sure, they weren't the strongest people around, but given their experience, they thought they would have had a definite advantage over the young kids, despite what Frieza said. But when the boy knocked the other soldier unconscious and the girl was now faring pretty well also, despite how it'd seemed at the start of the fight.

"It's my turn now" one of the stronger fighters stated, advancing on the young boy.


Gohan looked at the newcomer. He reached out with his ki and sensed that the new footsoldier was stronger than the one he'd just knocked out. He took a deep breath, trying to replenish his energy. He heard a cheer over to his left. Tora had just defeated her opponent.

Gohan flashed her a smile then turned back to the other footsoldier. He was coming in fast from the side. He aimed a punch at Gohan, who dodged it and fired his own punch back, which also was dodged.

The footsoldier then faked a right and got Gohan with a left, which sent him flying into a nearby rock formation, smashing it to bits.

Gohan groaned as he pushed a large rock off his head. He wiped a small trickle of blood off the side of his mouth, jumped out of the pile of rubble and leapt through the air and landed in front of the footsoldier, giving him a glare.

The footsoldier laughed "Bring it on, kid" he said menacingly.

Gohan let loose his attack on the black footsoldier, it seemed like he was everywhere because he was punching from all directions, moving faster and faster.

The footsoldier suddenly leapt high into the air, flipped and landed a few metres away from Gohan where he switched to the offensive, forcing Gohan to turn to defensive.

The soldier attacked Gohan with a ferocious combination of kicks and punches, driving Gohan backwards just as Gohan's previous opponent had done.

Suddenly, Gohan disappeared and appeared behind the soldier.



'Wow, I did it again, how did I do it?' Gohan thought as he suddenly found himself away from the soldier.

His opponent whirled around angrily and spotted Gohan standing behind him and went on attack again.

Gohan blocked some of his punches and kicks, then he got an idea. He imagined his energy and his body moving behind the other fighter again.

Suddenly, he felt his body flying through the air very quickly and he suddenly found himself a few metres away from the spot he was imagining. Close enough.

'Sweet!' he thought, then he raced up to the confused fighter and hit him with all his strength on the back of his head, knocking the soldier unconscious.



Meanwhile, Tora was doing quite well with her second opponent, she had really tired him out and now was just playing with him. He realised that and was annoyed that a small child, and a girl at that, could beat him. He was much weaker than her first opponent, which made it a lot easier and a lot more fun for her.

Tora ran circles around the Brondian, literally. She would punch him, run around to another angle and punch him again and continue in this pattern.

Finally tiring of the game, she gave the Brondian a sharp crack on the back of his head and knocked him unconscious.

She looked over at Gohan who'd just finished with his opponent and they exchanged an amused look. Frieza had obviously underestimated their abilities, but they still didn't know what they were doing here.



The rest of the Brondians stood in a group watching the two chibis.

The group pushed one of the Brondians out towards the kids. None of them were too eager to fight them after they'd seen what happened to the other four of the footsoldiers.

But before anyone got a chance to fight anyone, a large light blue alien with green hair lowered himself through the air and landed in between the group of Brondians and the two kids.

He turned to face the Brondians and said in a strange accent, "Master Frieza is very displeased with your efforts. You let two toddlers beat you senseless" he indicated to the four lying unconscious on the ground "You are through, we have no need for weaklings"

"No! But Master Zarbon!" one of the Brondians protested, but he didn't get to finish his sentence because Zarbon fired a ki blast at the group of footsoldiers, killing them all instantly.



Gohan and Tora covered their eyes and turned away. They'd never seen cold-blooded killing like that before and they certainly didn't deserve to see that this early in their young lives.



After he'd finished dealing with the Brondian weaklings, Zarbon turned to the two Saiyans who looked up at him uncertainly.

"And as for you two" Zarbon paused, letting the kids get nervous about what he was gonna do "Master Frieza is very pleased with your progress. He says that if you keep this up, then you will make fine warriors one day"



Gohan and Tora relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that they weren't gonna get blown up anytime soon.

"Come. Follow me" Zarbon said as he led Tora and Gohan to the ship they'd come down in.

He flew the small ship off the planet and back to Frieza's space ship. He guided it into the hanger and landed in the same spot where they'd boarded.

"Master Frieza wants to see you" Zarbon said "Follow me"


Gohan and Tora followed Zarbon through the now familiar corridors to Frieza's throne room.

He opened the door and bowed as he entered the room, Gohan and Tora following suit.

"Ahhh, my two young warriors" Frieza said, "I am very pleased with you, you are becoming very strong"

"Thank you, Master Frieza" Gohan and Tora chorused

"It's just a matter of time before you will become the strongest in my army," he said, smirking slightly.

Gohan and Tora blushed slightly from the compliment and looked down at their toes.

"You may go now," he said "I need to speak with Zarbon in private"



Gohan and Tora left the room and made their way to their quarters, walking the now familiar corridors without a guard to escort them.

"That was freaky how he destroyed those Brondians just because we beat them up" Tora said, still slightly shocked at the whole ordeal.

"Yeah, I'd hate to be in their position" Gohan mused "But I really wonder why they make us do these things and why does Frieza want us so strong and why does he want us as the strongest in his army"

Tora shrugged and they walked the rest of the way in silence before going to their own separate rooms.