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High School Life


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Welcome again to HSL! Want to know what's HSL is? Well, it's me, Ammy and my good friend, Megami-sama's, webpage resembling high school for DBZ and Inu-Yasha. Megami-sama's favorite saga in DBZ is the Saiyaman Saga when Gohan goes to school, and then there's Kagome in Inu-Yasha, who always missing high school because she has to go find shards with our favorite Demon Doggy! HSL was starting on February 1st, 2003! Go us! Hopefully me or Megami-sama will get a chance to update at least once a week. Key word there, HOPEFULLY! Both of us are still in high school--another reason why this site is called HSL. ^_^
And as of May 11, 2003, we will have other animes on HSL. Hopefully we're have information and images on all animes that we have decided to put here. So, this site as been upgraded to a more of a general anime website--the general is a loose term for our favorites. ^_^
Updated as of July 19, 2003!!! Whoa! It's been awhile! We've been busy. Well, mainly M-sama. Ammy's been too lazy to do anything. Anyway, We've haven't done much here. We've made a Kagome sprite. We've started making Kagome's friends. I don't know if we'll do Inu-Yasha and them. They're are a little hard to make. We've finally got the computer--or Tripod--to except Adopt-a-Saiyan link--well, almost. We can't get the images to have a link back but a paragraph can have it. You can click here to visit it:
Updated as of June 20, 2003!!! OMG! I just realized that M-sama's 17th b-day is in eight more days! ^_^ Anyway! We've adopted some things. Adopt-a-Saiyan has more saiyans over there! Yay! And We've added more fanart. Not much, but it's more than there was. Please, if you have and fanart, send them in! We've are working on several more things but we're not done with them yet so it has to wait. I think that's all. If not, happy findings!