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Welcome to the English section of HSL! Personally, this is the more educated section in the whole site--well, maybe the History section might be equal to it. Anyway here you will read quotes and fanfiction. Please feel free to submit any fics you may have, and check the guidelines before submitting any fanfiction. We'll try to keep a the fics flowing around here. Also if you have any favorite quotes from either Inu-Yasha and DBZ that isn't here, please submit them too! Anything just to expand our site!

Guidelines for Submitting Fanfiction


Thank you!
  1. Your story can be rated anything between G to NC-17 but please tell us what it's rated to warn the readers.
  2. Please tell us your name--or pen name--and your email address, along with a short summary and name of the fic and if it has more than one chapter. And tell us if it's fanfiction for Inu-Yasha,DBZ, or Other (Anime or not).
  3. We might choose not to post your fic if we don't like it but this probably won't happen unless we really, really hate it.
  4. We'll post the story as we got it--meaning we won't proof read it.
  5. If you submit poetry, you won't see it here. So NO POETRY!!!

Dragonball Z FanFiction

Name: Yugi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: B/V on Namek. What happens when Krillan and Gohan takes Bulma with them to uncover the Dragonballs from Frieza's ship and Vegeta sees her...?

Name: Megami-sama
Title: The Target
Rating: G
Summary: Trunks and Goten are playing war games. The objective: Find and capture the target. The target: Son Gohan. Where's Gohan? Why, he's on a school camping trip! What will happen to Gohan?

Inu-Yasha FanFiction

Name: DarkflamesSolitude
Rating: PG
Summary: Take a very hide-your-feelings girl like Sango. Add a scheming Kagome, a hot spring, a perverted monk, strawberries and coolwhip... and WHAM! You've got a day chalk full of awkward moments! Poor Sango.. ^-~ one-shot Sango/Miroku!!! Enjoy!

Name: Teo
Rating: PG
Summary: IY/Kag. A different outcome to the Thunder God battle... and it's not Kagome's death...

Other FanFiction