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Dragonball Z
DBZ is about an alien boy--a saiyan--who was sent to Earth as a child to destroy it. But this saiyan child got knocked on the head and had forgotten his mission. This child was named Goku. Goku protects the Earth from all sorts of villians, along with all of his friends. There's another series before DBZ called Dragonball (DB), which is about Goku's life as a child and meeting his friends and, of course, protecting the Earth from some small time villians. Also there is another series after DBZ. It's called Dragonball Grand Tour (DBGT), and Goku gets turn into a child and he has to find the black star dragonballs.
To the Right is a group pic of most of the characters in the late DBZ series.

IY is about a young girl who accidently falls through a well and landed in the Feudal Era in Japan. There she meets a half demon named Inu-Yasha who, at first, thinks she's a miko who had trapped him in the tree. It turns out that Kagome is the recarnation of the dead miko. The two fight demons and make friends along the way like Miroku--a perverted monk, Sango--a demon exterminater, and Shippou--a child fox demon. And like most animes, their are several villians for the characters to fight in their search of the shards of the Shikon Jewel. Kagome had accidently broken the Jewel into pieces as she tried to help save a little boy. And this is why Kagome and Inu-Yasha are out wondering in Feudal Japan.
To the Right is a group pic of the main characters: Inu-Yasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippou!

Wish is made by CLAMP, and although Wish isn't an anime, it's still a the first manga one of us brought. They did have a special thing that had a couple minutes of Wish as an anime. Wish is about an angel named Kohaku who came to Earth to find a missing angel--one of the four angel masters. One night in her chibi form, Kohaku got stuck in a tree. Shuichiro Kudo, a doctor, rescued Kohaku. The angel told him he could have one wish but the doctor didn't have anything to wish for. Kohaku didn't want to leave Shuichiro until she could grant him a wish. There are only four Wish mangas out.
To the Right is a pic of Kohaku and Shuichiro. Below is a pic of Hisui, a master angel, and Kokuyo, the devil's son. And the little devil demon flying is Koryu.


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