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High School Life


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Leaving us? Well, I'm sure you just want to take a break from school, right?, and you're going to come back, right? Please come back! We'll miss you! Anyway, here's some really cool links that Ammy and M-sama loves to go. Some of the sites are were we got our info and pics. Sadly, neither of us have a scanner. Would anyone like to send us one? No? Too bad, we were hoping you like us at least that much . . .

Inu-Yasha Links                General/Favorite Links                DBZ Links

Sengoku Tidai

Fluffy Magazine

Casual Elegance

A Dog-Boy for All Seasons


To Be With You . . .

Ruroun Kenshin Links        Trigun Links                             Ramna Links

PSYChOtik rk

Zero Stance

If any of you have a IY or DBZ website, please tell us and we'll be happy to put a link up here. If ya don't have a IY or DBZ website but we like your website, we'll put up a link in the General/Favorite links. ^_^ Thanks for helping our links page grow!