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Ammy's Fave Pick of the Month       M-sama's Fave Pick of the Month


Now, I had to put this pic up! Vash doesn't look like a harden criminal, now does he? Vash is from Trigun. Anyway, Vash has to be one of mine and M-sama's favorite person on Trigun. Come on! Just look at this pic of him! He's like a ditzy guy who knows how to fight. Kinda like Goku, but I got to say that Vash is better than Goku. Sorry to any Goku fans. And this is why I picked this pic for Favorite Pic for the month of May!


I just love this pic! --Sorry about no March pic and April's late, but hey! Better late than never, right?-- Especially the little Sangos beating Miroku up! I smile everytime I see this pic. That's why this is April's Favorite Pic of the Month!

Pic of the Month of Febraury

This is the most cutest Goku pic I have ever seen! Come on! You just gotta love him in a suit. And he looks so happy to be taking it off! Yummy! This is why he's my Fave Pic of the Month of Febraury!


People, you can already see why I pick this pic! Vegeta blushing! Any pic with Vegeta blushing got to be a favorite. Goku just swallowed a dragonball and Vegeta couldn't believe that Goku would exactly do it--or something along those lines. Anyway, this is why I choose this pic as my Favorite Pic for the month of May!


Isn't this so cute? A little father-son bonding! My lil sis gets mad when she sees this pic cuz Goku never did enough like this with Goten but Goku was dead! I tell her that all of the time. They look so peaceful and carefree when they're sleeping. That's why this is April's Favorite Pic of the Month!

Pic of the Month of Febraury

Now this gotta be one of the best IY pics out there! Both Inu-Yasha and Miroku are smiling and naked! Inu-Yasha doesn't smile alot but he sure looks happy in this one. And both boys are blushing! I wonder why? Anyway, any pics where I can she Inu-Yasha and/or Miroku without a shirt, is a great pic so this is why a picked this pic of the Pic of the Month of Febraury!