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This is Kagome's school uniform. Duh! Anyway, Kagome is seen wearing this outfit the most in IY. Short skirt--isn't that what all guys want to see?


This is a fashion no no! Just look! Even Trunks looks freaked out by wearing this. Why would anyone, let alone, Trunks Briefs, wear something like that? I doubt Akira Toriyama imagine putting Trunks in an outfit like that!


This outfit Kagome is wearing is the traditional outfit of the mikos--or priestress. I would have let Kikyo model the outfit but, I don't have many pics of her and the ones I do have doesn't show the whole outfit.


Goku has agree to model one of the many forms of Saiyan Armor. Of course, this armor isn't the real thing. Bulma Briefs design this one herself, after the really Saiyan Armor taken from her husband, Vegeta. Notice, this one doesn't have the shoulder pads or the bottom part of the armor.


This is Sango's ordinary clothes. We think that Sango has some of her Demon Exterminator clothes underneath this. My sister hates this outfit. She says that Sango looks better in out Exterminator clothes--we both agree with this but I don't mind this outfit.


Isn't this one of the cutest pics of Goten? Well, maybe not this particlar pic but Goten in this outfit looks so cute! It makes him look so young and innocent and just plain old cute!

Here we have the lovely Andriod 18 modeling ChiChi's dress. Isn't just lovely? ChiChi is seen wearing this outfit almost throughout all of the DBZ saga.


This is one of the Demon Exterminators' outfits. Don't they look so cool? I wish I could have sometime like that . . . Uh, yeah, all of the Exterminators' outfits look just like this one--give or take a few color changes.


Young Panny, here, is wearing a read shirt and jean capris with a small chain link hooked onto her pants. This outfit, Son Pan, wears throughout the GT series.


Miroku is always seen this--a houshi--monk--robes or whatever they are. Of course, wearing this outfit doesn't make the person 'holy' or anything. Just ask all of the ladies who have to resort to slapping the monk for groping them!


This one one of the few times ChiChi has a change of outfits. I found this picture so I don't know the real reason why--or where--ChiChi is wearing it. We think ChiChi and Goku are signing Gohan up for something. We're probably wrong to assume that. Anyway, the skirt is the same blue to ChiChi's knees. She doesn't look all that pretty in this outfit.


Now, this is Inu-Yasha in his Fire Rat robes. It's made out of--yes, you guessed it!--fire rat furs. This outfit would come in handy, especially if you're a firefighter. Fire rat furs protects you from fire. Anyway, this outfit, is the only outfit Inu-Yasha wears. Uh, yeah, I wouldn't want to get too close to Inu-Yasha . . .