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One Way or Another

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball/Z/GT or any of the characters...duh...

A/N: Read if you wanna know what's going on: It starts off when Goku is battling Ginyu and Jeice and when Vegeta takes off. In this fic, Vegeta and Bulma meet a completely different way, but the timeline should basically fallow the regular one. There will be a lemon in this story for those who want one. With all that said...

Italic's- thoughts
~ change in scenery ~






One Way Or Another

Prologue - Elsewhere On Namek

"Have Fun Kakorrot!! HAHAHA!!!" Vegeta laughed down at the powerful third class Saiyan. A blue aura surrounded the Saiyan Prince as he fled from the battlefield leaving a dumbfounded Goku to fight off what was left of the Ginyu Force.

"VEGETA!!!" Goku called after him, but it was to late. Vegeta had left him to fight alone.

"Captain, should I go after him?" Jeice asked in his usual Australian accent. (A/N: I've always liked his and Zarbon's accent. Sorry, but its a me thing.)

"No. Leave him. He's not worth it." Ginyu replied in a husky voice.

"Right then."

"Let's get this over with. Its time to show this guy what the Ginyu Force is made of." Ginyu grinned and cracked his purple knuckles.

Damn You Vegeta!! I thought you had changed!! I guess I was wrong. Goku thought regretfully.

Goku had been so deep in thought that he had not seen the blow that was dealt to his head and sent him flying into a valley of large rocks, creating a very Goku like imprint.

The fight was on.

~ Elsewhere On Namek ~

"That Fool!! He expected me to stay there and help him!! Third Class Baka!! What I need to do is retrieve the rest of the dragonballs." Vegeta smirked evilly. "And my timing couldnt be better. Frieza has left the dragonballs at the ship unguarded and unprotected. What An Idiot!! Just as soon as I get my hands on those dragonballs and make my wish, I will show Frieza the true power of the Saiyan race!!" Vegeta let out a low chuckle.

He would be able to exact his revenge on Frieza, become the most powerful, and rule the entire universe. "If there's one thing I've learned through this whole ordeal its that I am a complete genius." Vegeta's smirk widened, the anticipation of immortality and the awaiting fight with Frieza rushing through him, as he sped up in the direction of Frieza's ship.

~ Elsewhere on Namek ~

"No You Don't!! Last Time Was The Last Time That The Two Of You Ditch Me On This Godforsaken Planet!!" Bulma screeched at her two companions. I can't believe the nerve of these, BOYS!! They come running back here demanding MY radar and then try to leave expecting me to wait and waist away my young life waiting for them to get back from getting their asses kicked and vice versa!! I dont think so!!! She thought to herself giving each of the earth warrior's hateful glares.

"Aw...but Bulma, my dad needs are help and the dragonballs-" Gohan tried to reason with the angry woman, but to no avail.

He shrank back some after being cut off by a very angry Bulma. "The Dragonballs, Huh?! You Want Them That Bad?!" Bulma asked, hands on hips.

Krillan and Gohan swallowed hard and nodded their heads ever so slightly. Guess they each should have seen what was next coming.

Full of pent up rage, Bulma quickly snatched the Dragonball Radar from Krillan's hands and stepping away from each of them, "TO BAD!!! THIS IS MY RADAR AND I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH THE UNIVERSE IS COUNTING ON YOU BECAUSE UNLESS I COME WITH YOU NOBODY, OR AT LEAST NONE OF YOU, IS GETTING THEIR HANDS ON ANY OF THE DRAGONBALLS!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!" She screamed out causing both boys to cover their ears and back away a few steps.

Bulma, however, was panting from her all-in-one-breath outburst and clutching the Radar close to her chest protectively, waiting for a reply.

Krillan and Gohan finally removed their hands after the ringing inside them had subsided and stared at one another as if looking for some support.

"Well," Krillan started, "I guess it can't hurt, right Gohan?" He asked putting on a fake smile.

"I guess not..." Gohan trailed off. "But then, what choice do we really have?" He mumbled the last part.

Bulma could only smirk triumphantly at her floating friends. "Good. Its settled then. Now Get The Hell Down Here And Help Me!!"

Not finding any other way around it, Krillan flew down to Bulma and picked her up gently nearly brushing up against her lower thigh unintentionally. Bulma gave Krillan a look of horror. "Watch It You Hentai!!" She shrieked while squirming in his grip. "Put Me DOWN!!"

Krillan's cheeks became a bright pink and he scratched his baldhead. "Well Bulma, how else did you want to get around? We're certainly not walking."

Bulma stopped her movements and took a look around her. All there was to look at was rock, water, and trees for many miles. No, they certainly weren't walking. The water seemed to cut the land up in to large of small island segments and besides that she really didn't think swimming, among other things, was even a category. They'd have been better off walking. The rest of the derange looked to rough with far too many trees for the altitude limit of her capsule cars. Flying the hard way, at least the hard way for her, would be the quickest and easiest ways to get to their destined.

Bulma frowned and made a tight grip on Krillan's shoulders scowling while she looked him in the eye and said, "Go slow and don't drop me." Her voice was low and serious.

Krillan only smiled and nodded as they took off at top speed in search of what they had come here for. The Namek Dragonballs.

~ Elsewhere on Namek ~

Frieza scowled as he made his way to the last of the Nameks. The search for the dragonballs really was turning out to be more trouble than first thought and now he needed to find the password.

 Well, the end result will be the same and most definitely worth it. Frieza gave a cruel smile at the thought. "Yes, not much longer now. Just me and immortality. Life is grand. And soon it will be everlasting!!" Frieza laughed aloud at his own joke while continuing his way to the last of the Nameks, he was sure of that.

~ Elsewhere On Namek ~

Guru began another series of coughs causing both Nail and Dende to rush to his side.

"Guru!" "Master!" They each looked up do the dieing Namek, concerned and scared for his health.

"Do not worry my children. My death is near as is the tyrant Frieza."

"Guru," Dende, the Namek boy started, "do not say such things! You are not that old!"

The Eldest Namek raised his large hand to silence the young boy's false assumptions. "Hmm... All things must die. Nothing lasts forever. That is why we must have faith in those from Earth and hope that they may defeat the monster Frieza and keep him from misusing the dragonballs."

Dende listened intently to Guru's speech while Nail looked off into the other direction, staring outside of the dome shaped home. Hope..., he thought to himself. After all that had happened the word sounded almost foreign to him. If only... 

To Be Continued...




Next Time: Vegeta reaches Frieza's ship, but then so do Krillan, Gohan, and...BULMA!!! Hmm? What could happen? *scratches head stupidly*
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