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High School Life


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The Target

Title: The Target

By: Megami-sama

Summary: Trunks and Goten are playing War Games like Vegeta had taught them. Their objective: Find the target and keep him prisoner. The target: Son Gohan



"Welcome to Camp Champion!" said the Camp counselor. "The Camp where dreams come true and brave young souls has been known to turn into Champions!" The counselor went on to list the achievements of the Camp and it's most famous camper, Hercule Satan. Mr. Satan had came ever year as a child to this camp (which was named Camp Dragon up until around seven years ago). Today the Camp was named after the Champ. "... and we're so happy to have the Champ's daughter staying here with us this week." She clapped wildly. "Now, then, there are eight cabins. Each cabin has five bedrooms, a kitchenette, and one living room. I've been informed that there are thirty-four of you. Form groups of five."

The class grouped together in fives. Gohan, Videl, Erasa, and Sharpener were lucky enough not to have to find another person for their group. They went to Cabin #2 where Sharpener heard had the best rooms of all eight cabins. Sharpener's cousin had worked at the camp, and he's the one who told him that Cabin #2's bedrooms. Also, the cabin had the best looking view as its back windows were facing the lake.

"This is going to be so much fun! No parents! No homework! Just fun and relaxation!" Erasa danced around the living room where they had gathered. She stopped abruptly in front of the half saiyan. "What are you doing?" she demanded, hands on hips.

Gohan looked up from the paper he was writing on. "Wha?"

She pointed to his paper. "That looks like homework to me!"

Gohan glanced down. "It's uh...something my mom told me to do. She didn't want me to fall behind in my school work."

Sharpener took to piece of paper. He studied it to see what it was about. "I don't even know what this is! I know we've haven't even learned it in class."

Videl rolled her eyes. "You won't fall behind. You already know everything the teachers are teaching. I don't even know why you're in school!"

Son Gohan took his homework back from the blonde. "This," he said pointing to the paper, "is the formula on how to make a Grade E Hoi Poi Capsule. And this down here is formula for a Grade E-3 Hoi Poi Capsule What?"

"You know how to make a capsule?"

"I didn't even know there are different types of capsules!"

"Well, it isn't that hard to figure out the formula once you know the basic blueprint of the Hoi Poi Capsule," Gohan stated. "My mom wanted me to try and improve the Grade E-3 Capsule. There's a flaw in it that she caught when she was explaining it to my little brother. Bulma Briefs was going to just throw all of the plans for that type of capsule away since she doesn't have time to fiddle with capsules, but my mother convinced her to let me try to fix it."

"That's too much information, Gohan!" shouted Erasa. "I don't need to know anymore. Wait! Bulma Briefs? Your mother knows her? How?"

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck. "She's an old family friend, that's all. My dad met her when he was twelve. They've been friends ever since."

"Come on, you guys. Let's go swimming! The counselor said that we could do whatever we want for the rest of the day. And look," he said pointing out the window, "kids are already arriving at the lake."

Gohan stood up and put his work in his bag. "I think I'll pass on the swimming." Gohan knew his body wasn't want everyone believed it to look like. They might ask questions about how he got such a body. "I didn't bring anything to swim in."

"That's okay, Gohan. You can borrow one of mine. I brought two just in case something happens to the other one."

Gohan tried to look happy. "Geez thanks!"

Sharpener handed Gohan the extra swimming trunks. They were green with monkey prints all over doing silly expressions. Gohan was just happy that no one at home would see him in them. Dende only knows who would say what about the monkey swimming trunks.

All four of them went into their bedrooms and changed. Gohan was the last to come out. They are were surprised as what Gohan looked without his long sleeves and long pants on. "Wow! Gohan, you look great!" shouted Erasa.

"Uh, thanks."

They walked in silence to the lake. There were only a few people there. Most of the students were just walking around the camp trying to familiarize themselves with the camp. They placed their towels on the grass.

"Lets play a game," suggested Videl.

"Like what?"

Videl tapped for chin. "Let's see. There's Marco-Polo and tag."

Sharpener smirked. "Let's play tag. I'll even be 'it' first." Sharpener had been on the swimming team for the last two years. It was only this year that he had decided to quit.

"Fine," said Videl. Just give us a ten second start."

Sharpener started counting. Gohan, Videl, and Erasa ran to the lake and jumped in. They quickly swam away from Sharpener and the others. The ten seconds were over. Sharpener quickly jumped in and started to swimming towards Videl. He would have gone after Erasa but then he doubted that Erasa could catch anyone.

Videl became 'it' after being chased for five minutes. She whispered to Sharpener not to tell them that she was 'it' yet. She swam to where Gohan was treading water. "Gohan!"


"Come here," she said. "I got to tell you something."

Gohan quickly went to her. "What?"

Videl placed her hands on his shoulders and whispered, "You're 'it'!" She laughed as she swam away.

The game continued with each of them not telling anybody who was it. They quickly learned not to trust anybody least they be 'it'. After an hour or so, they quit. They got their beach towels to dry off.

"I wonder what we are doing tomorrow."

Videl glanced over to Erasa. She had to shade her eyes to see her. "My dad said that they're going to give a project to do. He said that he was invited to help with this project."

Sharpener sat up. "Your dad is coming here? That can only mean that the project has to do with martial arts! Yes!" he shouted. He pumped his hand into the air. "I can't wait until tomorrow!"

"Shh! My dad told me not to tell anyone. He said it was a surprise to us all."

Gohan groaned into his arms. Great, he thought, just great! This is not going my way! I thought I could relax for a little bit here! He groaned again.