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High School Life


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Target Chpt 1

Title: The Target

By: Megami-sama

Summary: Trunks and Goten are playing War Games like Vegeta had taught them. Their objective: Find the target and keep him prisoner. The target: Son Gohan


Chpt. One: War Games of Wee Saiyans

Goten learned over his short life that Vegeta was great at thinking up games. Who would have thought? Gohan laughed at him the first and only time he ever said it to him. Gohan thought he was crazy. He told him that Vegeta had no knowledge of playing any type of game. Goten had gotten mad and stomped angry away from his much admired older brother. Vegeta did too have the best games in the world! Vegeta had told him and Trunks that he learned these kinds of games while he was on Planet Vegeta--which was the home world for the Saiyans. Goten wished that Planet Vegeta was still whole so that he and Trunks could go and visit them and play games with the little saiyans. It would have been a lot of fun to play with other people. There were only so many games that only involve two or three people. Vegeta usually didn't play. Sometimes he did, but mostly he would watch or go train. Today Vegeta was training.

"Trunks," Goten said as he threw a stone at a tree. The stone passed through the tree and several more trees behind it until it lost its speed and tumbled down to the soft ground below. Let's just say, that tree was happy to be able to stop the stone from making a whole through it like it had done to its brothers and sisters. "Lets do something else with this game."

"Goten," Trunks sighed, "it's not a 'game'. It's a war game."


Trunks placed his elbows on his as he hands held up his face. He tried to think what else they could do with their war games. They already captured the food. Of course, his mother had to come out and yelled at them for taking the lunch she was making for Vegeta. They didn't know that the meal was for Vegeta. Lucky for them, they only ate a couple of sandwiches. Trunks was sure his dad would come out and beat them up if they ate more of his lunch.

"Did I tell you that Gohan's at camp all week?"

"Yeah--Hey! I got it! Let's capture Gohan!"

"Capture Gohan?" Goten looked doubtful at his best friend. "How are we going to do that? Gohan's at camp!"

Trunks jumped to his feet. "We'll get my dad to let us go camping in the woods--which will be near Gohan's Camp. He'll let us go and keep our moms off of our backs if we tell him the reason. Come on! Let's go ask him!"

"Okay!" shouted Goten.

Five minutes later, the two half saiyans were standing in front of the Saiyan Prince. "Why don't you ask your mother?" he demanded as he crossed his arms. "You're wasting my time!"

"Dad! Mom would let us go if we ask her. We're going to capture Gohan. And since he's at this school camp thing, we need to spend a couple of days to watch Gohan before we can capture him. Please, let us go!" Trunks crossed his arms. "And if you say 'no', we'll still go. We just want to tell our moms that we'll be fine." Trunks pointed to his spiky hair friend. "Goten doesn't want his mom to worry about him."

"Fine," Vegeta said. "Go and pack anything you need."

"Yes, sir!" they said.

Vegeta stopped them from going. "If you want to carry this war game out fully, you'll need to live of this land and don't come home until your objective is complete. Got it?"

"Yes, sir."

The duo left to pack. They only packed an extra set of clothing. They didn't need anything else. Then they went in search of other things they may need to capture Gohan. For this, they went into Bulma's lab.

"What do we need?" asked Goten.

Trunks pulled out a camera from a drawer. "We need this to take pictures. It'll be our proof of capturing Gohan." He then went to search through another drawer. "And this here," he said holding up a metal band. "Is for blocking our kis. We don't want Gohan to find us before we get the chance to get him. Here, put this on your wrist." Trunks threw him a ki blocker before putting one on his own wrist.

"Wow! Cool! This looks like a bird. What is it for?"

Trunks turn to glance at one of the lab tables. His eyes lit up. There on the table sat an android bird. It was nowhere as complicated as Android 18 but held its own appeal. This bird was made to spy and report back to its own. "That's perfect, Goten! We could use to spy on Gohan during the daytime."

"But what is it?" Trunks explained to him what the android bird could do. Goten picked it up and place it into their bag. "Are you sure Bulma wouldn't mind if we use it?"

Trunks nodded. "She wouldn't mind. We're doing her a favor. She hasn't even tested it yet. When we're done, we can tell her how well it worked."

"If you're sure..."

"Don't worry about it!" Trunks glanced around. There didn't seem like there was anything else they needed. "Well, I guess we better start going. We don't want our moms to catch us."

Goten slugged the bag over his shoulders. He followed Trunks out of the labs and to an open window. They quickly flew away. They tracked Gohan by using his ki. They arrived at the camp a mere half an hour later. They quickly found the best hiding spot--a group of trees forming a fort. They could easily look out but it was hard for someone to look in at them. It was lucky of them that Goten had spotted the clumped of trees. Trunks wouldn't have admitted it, but he doubted he would have found it. They set the bag in the middle of the trees where there was about a five feet square of space. It was covered with a really soft green moss. The moss would make a great bed.

"And look, Trunks! There's a lake! We can go fishing there and get food."

Trunks nodded. He noticed several dots lying next to the lake. He smirked. "It looks like Gohan has been swimming. Let's go check this out!" Trunks dug through the bag for the camera. "We'll need some pictures to study the target."

They decided to stay on foot. The quickly ran to the lake but stayed hidden in the woods. Trunks smirked as he held the camera up to take a picture. Gohan and his friends were drying off. Gohan, he noticed, was wearing monkey swimming trunks. How ironic was that? "A saiyan wearing monkey swimming shorts," he whispered as he started to laugh. "Wait 'til Dad sees this!"

Goten rolled his eyes at his friend. He never knew when something would crack him up. Geez, he's worst then Vegeta sometimes! he thought as heard the click of the camera.