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High School Life


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LLT Chpt 3

Life's Like That

Chapter 3 Gohan's first fight


Written by RJ





Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ


Gohan gasped as two of the Saibamen raced towards him. He'd never fought before, what was he supposed to do?

Gohan ran out of time to think as the one of the Saibamen reached him and threw a punch at him. Gohan dodged it just in time and ran backwards until he reached the wall. The other Saibaman threw another punch and Gohan dodged it just in time and the Saibaman punched the wall hard, leaving a small indentation. He turned his head and stared at the indentation and decided that this wasn't a very good situation and he should do something to fight back. One problem though: he didn't know how to fight. He sneaked a peek over to where the girl was. She was fighting back.

'I have to do this' Gohan thought

Gohan pulled his fist back and aimed for the Saibaman, he closed his eyes and punched his fist forward as hard as he could...and hit thin air. He opened his eyes to see the Saibaman standing about a metre away from him, laughing and mocking him.

Grrr Gohan growled and advanced on the Saibaman, remembering to keep his eyes open this time. He tried to punch the Saibaman again but missed again, so he leapt forward with a flurry of punches, annoyed that he couldn't get a hit in.



The Saibaman soon grew tired of playing with the boy and suddenly turned on the offensive, throwing a multitude of lightning-fast punches at Gohan.



Gohan stumbled as the Saibaman punched him in the arm, throwing him off balance. He almost fell over, but caught himself just in time only to see another punch coming his way. This one got him in the stomach and he clutched it in pain. While he was preoccupied with his sore stomach, the other Saibaman punched him again in the arm, leaving him with a nice colourful bruise.

Ow! Gohan said, clutching his stomach with one hand and his sore arm with the other.

'Forget the pain' Gohan ordered himself, taking his hands off his stomach and arm and settling back into a fighting position.

The Saibaman smirked as he went on attack again, aiming a punch at Gohan's already sore arm. This time Gohan dodged it, but was caught by the other Saibaman, who wrapped his arms tightly around the small boy while the other Saibaman pummeled him with punches.

Gohan struggled against the Saibaman's strong grip but found it quite hard while the other Saibaman was attacking him.

'I can't do this' he thought in despair, struggling to avoid the blackness that was threatening to overcome him.



Meanwhile, the Saibaman was not letting up, pummeling Gohan tirelessly, and smirking as he felt the fight go out of the boy.



Gohan watched the Saibaman's fist come straight towards his face and he felt the fight go out of his body as the blackness engulfed him.




'What's this? Where am I? Mommy? Daddy? Whats going on?' thoughts echoed slowly around Gohans brain 'What happened? Mommy, I'm hungry. I want daddy. Why am I in water? What's that sound?'

Gohan slowly returned to consciousness and he opened his eyes to find himself totally immersed in water in a flexiglass tank. He was wearing an oxygen mask and there was a strange humming sound pulsating through the water and his body.

He could barely remember the fight that had happened before. He couldn't even remember how long ago it was.

'I must have blacked out' Gohan thought 'I wonder what happened'



Suddenly a large figure blocked Gohan's view out into the room. The rounded flexiglass distorted the figure, making the figure seem larger than what it really was.

He stood there for a second, checking a stats panel to one side of the regeneration tank.

I think you're about ready, boy, he said, pressing one of the many buttons on the outside of the tank which made the water drain slowly out of the tank.

Gohan's legs touched the bottom of the tank as the water drained out. They didn't feel weak and tired as he thought they would after that fight, instead they felt like normal, maybe even slightly stronger. He looked on his arm where he got punched. There was no sign of a bruise.

Gohan's eyes widened in amazement. 'What is this thing?' he thought.

The figure pressed another button, which made the top of the tank slide open.

Come on, boy, get out of there the blue creature, who was of the same species as Masil, said. He was shorter than Gohan expected and he was wearing the same white lab coat as Masil wore on the first day he got there.



Gohan stepped out of the tank and realised for the first time that he wasn't wearing any clothes. His tail loosely waved around behind him.

Here the creature said, thrusting a towel and a new blue spandex suit towards Gohan Get dressed

Gohan quickly dried himself and slipped into the spandex suit. While he was getting dressed, he noticed a new 2-inch long scar down the inside of his right arm.

'Now how did I get that?' he thought, staring at it in surprise.

The blue creature pressed a button on an intercom positioned on the wall next to them.

The boy is ready, he said and within moments, the door hissed open to reveal a guard.

Gohan walked behind the guard who led him back to his quarters.



Gohan entered the now familiar pale blue room. He was greeted cheerfully by the computer that sat on his desk and was pleased to find that there was a large tray of food on the table across the room. He swiped a piece of strange-looking fruit off the tray and took a large bite.

Just as he was about to sit down and enjoy the rest of his meal, there was a knock at the door. Wondering who it was, because people around here usually just entered without knocking, he wandered over to the door and pressed the button, which made the door hiss open.



Standing outside the door was the girl from his training session before.

Can I come in? she asked

Yeah, sure Gohan said, stepping out of the way.

The girl entered and the door hissed closed behind her.

Who are you? Gohan asked.

Oh, whoops, sorry, Im Tora she said, laughing slightly.

I'm Gohan Gohan said, How did you find me?

I followed your ki, she said, then added laughingly It also helped that I'd seen you come in here on the first day

Oh Gohan said, So, how long have you been here?

About 5 months now, the day after my 5th birthday. I was kidnapped, like you were, but my parents were killed so they could get me, I'm Saiyan, and I can see that you also are, and my guess is that Frieza wanted control over the last remaining Saiyans. Tora said But I think he wanted kids so that we couldn't rebel as easily

Actually I'm half Saiyan, but my dad didn't get killed, this guy just kidnapped me, he said he was my uncle but he wasn't very nice, Gohan said, playing with the end of his tail.

Who kidnapped you? Tora asked

He said his name was Raditz

Well, that explains it, he's really weak, so the other fighters say, and he probably just told Frieza that he killed your dad

Gohan nodded slowly, ingesting the information.

My daddy will come and get me he said firmly, despite the doubt he had inside him He has to

Tora gave Gohan a sympathetic look and sat down on the bed.

Have you fought any before this? she asked

No, my mom made me study all the time. Dad wanted to train me, but mom wouldnt let him Gohan said as he sat on a chair opposite Tora.

That's bad, cause now you won't know how to defend yourself at trainings Tora said

What? You mean they're all like that!? Gohan said, shocked.

Tora nodded Yep, and the Saibamen don't know when to quit either, even today I had trouble beating them

You mean you beat those things?

Yea, but it took a long time before I could actually beat them, but my parents trained me before I came here, so I had an advantage

I don't even know how to fight at all, Gohan said sadly

Tora jumped off the bed and said excitedly Ill teach you then!

Gohan's mood visibly brightened You mean it?

Yeah, sure Tora said Starting now



The training went on for quite a while. Tora taught Gohan a good fighting stance, which offered defence as well as opportunities to attack, which she'd been taught by her parents, she said that it was a typical Saiyan fighting stance.

She showed him some defence moves and good punching and kicking techniques and they practised sparing for a little while.

By the end of about 3 hours, Tora had taught Gohan most of what she knew.

You've learnt heaps, you're a fast learner, she said, smiling at Gohan But I spose that's to be expected from a Saiyan

Thanks for teaching me Gohan said gratefully.

No prob Tora said cheerfully It's been a long time since I've had a friend around. We've gotta stick together if we wanna survive in this dump anyway

Right Gohan said and it was the beginning of a strong friendship between the two 5-year-olds.



Tora left a few minutes later, leaving Gohan alone in his room once again. He remembered his meal sitting on the table and chowed down on the food to replenish his energy.

After he'd finished his meal, the computer stated that he would have to start his study now.

What study? Gohan asked

It's required that you learn about various alien types for future reference, the computer said

Oh Gohan said, Well, what do I do?

Sit back and relax, Ill show you some stats about aliens, all you need to do is remember them

Gohan smiled, this was better than his studying at home, here he didn't have to do work, he just had to sit there and listen.



The computer flashed pictures of various alien types in front of him and read out stats. Some of the creatures hed met already on the ship were shown on the screen. The purple servants like the one who brought his food when he woke up were Maadians, they were a rather docile race, they concentrated more on their technology, and were easily overtaken by Frieza and his minions, and now they worked for him as servants. They were from the planet Maadia.

Raion was from a race called the Sekka, they were a fighter race, but they were naturally armed with long claws and blades down the sides of each arm, which grew when the aliens were about 10 of their years old.

Masil's race was from the planet Yambreen. They made up most of the physicians on the ship because they were natural born healers. Their race didn't fight much, and they were very technologically advanced.

The guards were from the planet Kriion. They were grey in colour and they usually lived in tunnels underground. They were naturally large and they fought, but weren't among the best fighters in the galaxy.



There were about 10 alien species in total that Gohan had to learn about that time. It was interesting learning about them, considering that just a few days ago, if told that there were aliens, Gohan probably wouldn't have believed it.



Gohan went over to the bed and lay down on it. He was very tired and fell asleep almost at the moment his head touched down. He slept and dreamed dreams of his life back on earth and his parents.






Author's Notes: I hope ya liked that, and I hope that you guys will like Tora, really, she is quite future chappies, you will get to see more of her and all and find out about her, but the main focus is still on Gohan, so don't worri about thatI would never leave my Gohan out of the picture ^.^