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Welcome to the Orphanage!

Here we have some adoptables for you! Ammy made all of them that are here now. You all sould know the rules for adopting. If you don't, well here's our rules.
  1. You must have a website!
  2. You must upload the images to your own server.
  3. You must link the adoptee(s) back to our website!
  4. After you up the adoptee(s), fill out the form below so we know where the are going. **If the form isn't working, email M-sama at with the subject as 'Adopt!' or something along those lines. We want to know where our babies are going!**

So now that you know the rules, go and right click on the ones you want to adopt! And yes, you are allow to have more than one but try not to take them all! I worked hard making each one.

After you fill out the form, we'll add you to the parent section ASAP!

Parent's List

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Teen ChiChi with armbands

Teen ChiChi without armbands



It's Mirai Trunks holding his jacket!

Adopt Kagome Sprite now!

Happy little Rin

One Cat Demon kitten . . .

Three cat demon kittens . . .

Sleepy Cat Demon

Prissy looking Cat Demon

Adopt Kohaku!

Adopt Sango

Adopt Kagome and Boyu!

More to come soon!
To Adopt our Saiyan Sprites, please visit: