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They're BROWN, people!

Okay, people, I've read quite a few IY fics where Inu-Yasha turns into a human. Those authors make a point of pointing out Inu-Yasha's eyes--which they claim are violet! They aren't violet! They're brown. Just look at pics of Human Inu-Yasha. He doesn't have violet eyes. They're dark like brown or black, not light like blue or violet. Why do people do that? It so bugs the HFIL out of me! Come on! Any pic could tell you the true eye color of Human Inu-Yasha.
I just had to say that. It's been ticking at me and bugging since I first found a fic with violet eyed Human Inu-Yasha. Since I loved looking into people's eyes, that's one of the first thing I noticed when I looked at Human Inu-Yasha. At the side, I have several Human Inu-Yasha pics that I've collected. Not one even looks like he has violet eyes. NOT ONE!!!
Please email me ( or sign the GB and tell me if you know the reason why people claims Human Inu-Yasha's eyes are violet. And if any of those Violet Eyes Lovers have a real pic of Human Inu-Yasha with VIOLET eyes, please send me it! I would love to see it or else, I'll keep on believe Human Inu-Yasha's eyes are BROWN like all of the other pic of Human Inu-Yasha that I have. This is all I have to say on the subject. If you have any add info or anything, please contact me.

Lookie, BROWN eyes!!!