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I adopted Miroku

Welcome to High School Life!

I adopted Bardock!

I adopted Inu-Yasha -n- Kagome

High School Life is dedicated to two of our favorite animes: Dragon Ball Z and Inu-Yasha! And thus, High School Life was born. Please enjoy your stay at High School Life.
--Head Mistress Ammy and Megami-sama

I adopted Miroku -n- Sango








I adopted Inu-Yasha

I adopted Kid Vegeta!

HSL's Quote of the Moment
You mean it's a secret?
--Kagome (A boy had a crush on a princess married to a toad prince)

I adopted Teen Gohan!

I adopted Bra -n- Goten

Just to let all you people out there, any little 'things' we have on this page, we didn't make. Just click on the little adoptees to get the the makers website. All credit goes to those people who made them! We just adopted them! ^_^

We would like to take this time to remind you all that none of these pictures are ours unless we stated otherwise and we don't own any anime on our website--which you all should have already known before coming to visit this website of ours. Thank you for you time for reading this pointless reminder!

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